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Re: New ST:XI trailer

I'll be seeing Quantum of Solace tonight, and I'm trying not to get my hopes of seeing the ST trailer up too high, since it seems that quite a few theaters did not show it before their copy of QoS. It wouldn't surprise me whatsoever if it didn't make its way here to Milwaukee.

And, as much as I want to see it, I don't want a "shakycam" version. It's bad enough when you're in a theater and people around you just won't shut their popcorn-holes because they think the trailers are fair game to talk through and fiddle with their cell phones and come waltzing in at the last minute to find their seats (heaven forbid you actually make an attempt to get to the movie theater early!). To have all of that happening around some guy holding a cam like he just did a triple espresso with a shot of Jolt, trying to film a trailer...nah, pass.

Monday comes fast enough for me; I'll wait until then if it's before QoS tonight.
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