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Re: Netflix - shipping my DVD from across the country?

I had intended my post more as an observation of what I found to be an odd occurrence, and wondering if others had encountered it, rather than a complaint. If it is a common occurrence, as Star Wolf seems to indicate, I'll live. I've just enjoyed the quick turn around that a local delivery location has generally provided, and always thought of it as one of the main reason to use Netflix.

The shipping from other locations makes sens on movies that are in low supply, as every location may not have a copy until a local customer requests it. I would assume that a new Futurama release would be big enough to have some in each location, but I have no way of knowing that for sure. What I found odd in this situation was that even though my top few movies weren't available, I still had plenty of "Available now" items in my queue that they could have shipped and I'm just wondering how/why Netflix decided to ship they way they did when it seemed to be pretty consistent in the past that they would just ship an item lower on my queue.

Also, Alidar Jarok, you can tell what facility you are dealing with by the address on the return envelope, which should almost always be the local facility. Besides the notification emails that something shipped from another location, I am not sure of any other way.
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