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Netflix - shipping my DVD from across the country?

I live in Baltimore, MD, and have had Netflix for over a year now. I can't recall a single movie before now shipping from anywhere besides their Gaithersburg, MD processing facility, which always resulted in a 1-day there, 1-day back turn around time.

This week I get an email saying that the Bender's Game DVD was not available at my local facility, and is shipping from Santa Ana, CA. Huh? This means I won't get it until Monday, when it would have been here yesterday if it had shipped locally. Has anyone else had this issue lately? It happened a couple weeks ago with another movie, but that one shipped from TN, so there was only an extra day.

I'm more confused about why they would do this than upset with the delay. Does anyone know if there is a way to specify on your account to only ship from the local facility? I searched the account settings on the website and didn't come across anything. Most of the time I'd rather get a movie quickly than necessarily the one at the top of my queue, as my wife and I tend to watch a lot of DVDs and turn them around pretty quickly. Oh well.
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