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Re: Smallville 8x09 "Abyss" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

Well this one and previous ep were well written,and IMO predictible,when it comes to Smallville.but I'm keeping an open mind next week we get to see Doomsday/Davis or which is BTW bending continuity a little bit since in the comic books he doesn't even show up until Clark/KAL-EL is a more mature,and established super hero known as Superman,also betrothed to Lois Lane before he "dies again" protecting Metropolis.

its almost saying that he(Davis) hasn't evolved to the creature totally,and as long he stays in humanoid form he's in control like another character namely Bruce Banner(Hulk),but who is to say that Brainiac has taken over the fortress again,and can influence Davis to prematurely Doomout to kill Kal-El,and destroy the house of EL.

We'll see if I'm right next week to my eyes it looks like they're setting up for the Holliday break next week.


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