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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Gibraltar wrote: View Post
Terrific scene between Berat and Spirodopoulos. The foundation for trust between these two disparate factions must be laid one brick at a time, and Berat has just set the first stone in place.

Spiro did well for extemporaneously addressing the crowd. Thatís good. If he survives this little adventure, I think heíll be spending some time on the Federation lecture circuit.
Ha, don't scare him like that!

I'm sure public speaking is a required course for officers, either at Starfleet Academy or through some sort of continuing training as they advance. But he just hasn't really had to use it in critical situations until now. Not that he's shy--as a security officer, I imagine he's had to tell some people off in the past, including people who outranked him. And he's not done badly with his own little teams, but now he's got a MUCH bigger role to deal with.

Out of curiosity, while you say Spirodopoulos did come off well, would you say the degree of contrast was right between his speech and the way Macet and Speros spoke--not too much or too little?

But the interaction between Spirodopoulos and Berat...I'm VERY glad you liked that. Berat is definitely very personally invested in making this collaboration succeed, and what he did--that's a very big thing for anybody, but especially when you come from a culture that's so big on not showing weakness, it's major.

RobertScorpio wrote: View Post
You and I think a lot a like, Mr. Gibraltar. I thought the same thing. The writing for Berat/Spiro was well done. Will follow this story...

Welcome aboard--glad you're enjoying so far!

BTW...had either of you read Betrayal or remember doing so? I'm starting to think I was the only one that book stuck with...
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