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Re: House 5x06 "The Itch" - Discussion and Spoilers

It's starting to feel a little repetitive to me. House always chickens out. Which, I suppose is the point--he's just a big coward when it comes to his feelings. It's easier for him to tease, annoy and play games with Stacy or Wilson or Cuddy or whomever it is than admit he has feelings/cares for them. I love House the way he is, but I am getting to the point where I feel he has to evolve somewhat as a character. I wasn't at all surprised he didn't go up to Cuddy's door.

It was great to see Chase and Cameron back in action--the set up is kind of strange, with them in the opening credits but barely in a scene or two in a regular episode. It's weird that it's lasted this long, although I didn't expect the whole quitting/firing thing would actually have any long term effect, so in a way that's good (since it's unexpected).

I'm kind of rambling. It was nice to see Cameron and Chase back, and moving forward in their relationship. I kind of wonder if they'll go off together at the end of the season. In a sense it feels like their characters are "done"--they've grown beyond House in a way.
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