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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

Wow (I know not a very original comment on the thread) but really WOW. That was great!
I really got sucked into Erikas story, her and her crews existance on Axion, the death of her friends, very sad.
But also, all the other story lines going on at the same time were great, and I cant believe the ending. I mean 7000 borg ship plowing through the fleet like they werent even there. It seems to me that the borg didnt even waste a single shot on any of the ships, just bowled right through them leaving a wake of destruction behind. The entire quadrent must be terrified (I know I am and Im not even there)

Ill be honest, I thought I was reading this series to keep up with Voyager as a lead in to Full Circle (nice cameo with Chakotay and Paris btw, I hope they are OK), but you have convinced me that I will need to follow all the series novels after Destiny. Thank you Mr Mack for such an entertaining story, oh and thanks so much for making me want to spend way more than I had planned to in the next several months :P
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