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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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I don't want to sound stupid, but there were a few times that I was wondering why things were happening and why people were going where they were.
Why exactly did Bond go to Haiti? There was something about tagged bills on the first dead guy or something.
why did the bad guy let the woman hang around with him? I didn't get that.
Why did that hotel thingy place (what the hell was that?!?) blow up so frickin' much?
Was Vesper's boyfriend part of Quantum?

Jeez man, I think I have a good layman's understanding of Relativity...this movie baffles me.
Bond went to Haiti because of the tagged bills yes.

Greene tried to kill Camile several times, he didn't let her hang around with him. They were together once and he was handing her over to the General to kill.

The hotel had some kind of crazy power system that relied on hydrogen batteries or something!

Vesper's b/f was part of quantum, yes.

Personally I found the contrivences of QOS a bit easier to believe than those in CR, certainly the trail from Haiti to Austria made more sense than how Bond trakced down Demitrious in CR.

I do wonder if perhaps CR was just better at explaining things rather than letting people pick stuff up from the dialogue? Maybe that's why CR had to be 16 hours long
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