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Re: House 5x06 "The Itch" - Discussion and Spoilers

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hey i didnt see the ending what happened when house was leaving cuddy’s house ???? did he leave or go back
He just limped off.

He was in such a hurry to get some Cuddy ass he left his home so quickly he forgot his cane!
That was one of the best scenes that I think was in tonight's episode. The others were moving forward, but House seemed to be stuck where he was in the beginning. But I believe he now realizes that he's in love with, or at least has a deep crush on, Cuddy. I don't think we'll see them together until the actual end of the series.

I think there will be a Cuddy/House baby before the end of the series.

That was pretty good, but Cameron really did some dumb things. I was sure the guy was gonna die!

Wilson is so cute. He likes Cuddy, too...
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