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Re: Superman: The Reboot --- Its offcial

I just had a complete epiphany!

The reason that Superman is such a deush, and disconnected from the people around him and even repeating the same phrases over and over again, like reality is on a loop is that Kal has been in Space in a box for 5 years in the same way that Tom Hanks spent a couple years on an island talking to a coconut in castaway.

He's completely batshit.

Then again considering that he is insane, maybe he's hallucinated his return to earth many times during the voyage to krypton and back that he is not completely sure that this is really earth and he's not just falling deeper into the grips of space maddness in his dinky space ship during it's massive interstellar journey...

If he erased Lois' memory of their love affair at the end of the second movie... Why doesn't lois think that she was raped, since she doesn't remember consenting to shagging the guy?
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