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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

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does it worry you that if this film doent live up to expectations, it could kill the whole franchise off? there is a lot riding on this film, and i am concerened that if this film flops, it could be the last star trek ever.
There's a lot riding on it for those who have invested time and money in its production, no question, but Star Trek will still exist whether this movie succeeds or not. I further suspect that, even if this movie were to bomb at the box office and ruin the collective careers of all involved, it wouldn't automatically mean the end of Star Trek. (I hesitate to use the term "franchise", since it has nearly as many incompatible meanings to as many different people as does the term "reboot", which I have previously criticized as being utterly useless.)

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the reason it worries me is because i dont really hear many people praising abrahams efforts, and it doesnt seem that people have a lot of confidence in him doing a good job
If you read the various topics in this forum alone, I think you'll find all opinions quite well-represented, from those praising Abrams & Co. and expressing confidence that they'll make a good movie to those who think he's the worst thing which could ever happen to Trek... and every conceivable shading in between.
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