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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

^ Well the plot for one. What was it? Where was it?

Like Kermode asks, you can't describe it. There's something about a secret group of bad guys, so secret no one's ever heard of them. What are their aims? er... What happened with that plot element? er...
Then there's some rubbish villian who's doing something with oil, but it turns out to be about water. Or something.
Fact is I only saw it two days ago and can barely remember a thing about it. It was just a mammoth mess.

Oh yes, that song. Gods. At least when it came on the radio or TV I could turn it off, but it the cinema I was forced to be subjected to its horrendous screeching and wailings at loud volumes for what seemed an eternity.
Thing is you can tell there's a barely half-decent song perhaps buried in their somewhere, but it's so deeply covered by the above mentioned awfulness
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