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Re: Arc of the Wolf: On the Nature of Wind - Part II, Chapter 4

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Just finished catching up with this terrific story. I'm a sucker for TOS-era stories--especially those that take place prior to the start of the series.
Me too! I adore stories about our 'heroes' before they become all iconic and stuff. I'm actually kinda surprised that people don't write more of them -- it's a pretty neat time in Federation history (if you place the Four Year War there, which I do, and counting the real push for exploration outside that) and I'm never sure why more people don't tackle it.

This is an incredibly rich story. Beautiful scenery painting--a detail all too often left out of fan fiction writing, strong characterizations--I agonized along with Scotty and the others as Corrigan began slipping into depression and now I'm hopeful as it appears he's beginning to come out of it--but as a changed man--for better or worse, only time will tell. You've also done an exquisite job in filling out Scotty's back history.
Believe it or not, Cor was never supposed to play a role past the prologue, except maybe as a background character. But, by the end of the prologue, became a sincere part of the story. Then again, this was never supposed to be a novel, never supposed to dive into more dramatic elements, and never supposed to take six years to finish. Art imitates life -- you never quite know what you're getting into until you're already there. ::grins::

And did I mention how I enjoyed your renditions of Belfast? There were several instances where I almost felt as if I was there.

Very welll done!
Thanks so much! I've never been there myself, but I tried pretty hard to research the history of it, and the lay of the land. It's a city that's seen a lot of grief in its life, but still manages to survive.

Your comments made my morning!
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