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Re: Superman: The Reboot --- Its official

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Yeah, I think the studio was hoping SR would make more than X-3. X-3 trounced SR badly at the BO.
Not neccesarily. Superman Returns earned $200 million domestically at the box office. X-Men: The Last Stand earned a little over $215 million. Not that big of a difference. Also, X3's budget inflated when Brett Ratner came onboard, from $175 million to a reported $200-225 million, averaging just around the same budget expenses for Returns. So X3 was a financial success, but just barely, and it hardly "trounced" Returns. If anything, the films were even at the box office. Critically, though, that's another story...
Ah, I must've been thinking of international numbers because I recalled a number in the 400's. I'm too lazy to research this, so I'll take your word for it. However, my point still stands that X-3 made more. It had a higher budget, then again it was paying 3rd movie salaries to Halley Berry, Patrick Stuart, The Wolverine Guy, Ian McWhatsits, and so on.
Close. I wouldn't argue a rounding up but the actual number since we are on the topic is $391m.

Keep in mind that is not $391m that goes entirely back to the studio. Warners did not net $391million from Returns, that is the gross amount in ticket sales. Studios have a profiit sharing system with the theaters. The first 2 weeks typically favor the studio, at least US domestically, the heaviest in a 60/40 or 70/30 style split. It then tapers down over the movies run. They also have to do this internationally although I've yet to hear if its similar, better or worse.

This is why Warners has been dissapointed with Returns, because well its theatrical returns(no pun intended) were not that great when its all said and done.

Bottom line. Superman Returns did not make/net the studio $391m and that is where people get confused. The devil is in the details and I tried to give them in a condensed concise way. Hope it helped.
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