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Re: Need advice in buying a new TV...

Another HDTV question. Probably one for UK readers.

My existing Panasonic CRT TV does a very good job with active format descriptors - i.e. the part of the TV signal that tells the TV what aspect ratio to use. It also has a very good automatic zoom if it detects a letterboxing on a 4:3 image. Most widescreen programming in the UK broadcast via Freeview, cable or Satellite is broadcast as an anamorphic image with the AFD telling the TV to stretch it back out to 16:9.

My Samsung LCD in my bedroom, however, does not do such a good job. I don't want to buy a TV that doesn't do this properly as it's going to go in my living room with a mother and a sister who will annoy the hell out of me by watching everything in stretchy vision if the TV doesn't sort it out automatically. So, two questions really.

1) Do Panasonic or other brand LCD TVs do a similarly good job as my existing Panasonic TV ?

2) How does Sky+ HD work with standard definition 4:3 shows over HDMI ? I assume it upscales programming to 1080i and adds pillar box black bars to the sides ?
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