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Re: A nasty review of High School Musical III

Here's a counterpoint to the review that I posted:

It’s time to shed our snobbishness and own up to the fact that the most important musical of the last 10 years is not Rent, Avenue Q or Spring Awakening. It’s High School Musical.

Please stop throwing tomatoes at me. The truth is High School Musical not only ended the reign of those bloated Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber turds, but it also packaged and sold old-style musical theatre to a whole new generation of youngsters, all of whom now want to become triple threats.

The importance of High School Musical has been acknowledged by two very different men of the theatre, directors Evan Tsatsias and Howard Kane. Tsatsias is shepherding a song cycle about growing up called Edges. Kane is directing the mega-spectacle that is the Northbound Leather Fashion Show, called X-posť.
Homo School Musicals

Here's my take on the nasty review of High School Musical III.

While I don't like the movies that much myself (the song 'I Don't Dance' has grown on me though) this review is the biggest pile of bullshit that I've ever read in my life.

Basically, this moron can't stand the thought that most kids are high achievers in life, and that celebrating the idea that high achievement is a lofty goal is somehow bad for society....which apparently is the coin of the realm for little Danish kids.

What he said is enough to make me, as a person who likes and wishes that North American society was like Danish society in terms of their social safety net, to repudiate that kind of system if all that it can produce is a world view like that. And I don't want to, believe me. But this 'review' came close to bringing out the rabid neocon in me.

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