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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Mistral wrote: View Post
I found that to be a very intense encounter-even though it was just two men walking and talking. Excellent work. i'm just sorry it was so short.

I didn't want to overdo it for fear of destroying the intensity of that moment--but I am very glad it came across to you as I intended.

TimmyWl wrote: View Post
Good stuff but the name of Berat isn't really registering with me. I do like the heart to hear conversation though.
It's OK...Berat only appeared in one novel many years ago before the relaunch, called Betrayal.

Plus, during the time of that story, he was in a bad way psychologically thanks to the hell he's been put through, which makes him more difficult to recognize. But I saw glimpses of something else in him that I thought would be very interesting to write. His engineering skills, his attitude towards hard work, and the underlying good person that Tilton portrayed in him--that's what I based my version of him on. (And the risk for permanent disability was put in there as well--you might say I was mean for reopening that wound, so to speak, but honestly...I think that he's now got the strength to deal with it gracefully.) This is a Berat that's had six years to heal psychologically and to mature...and even though he is physically in worse shape, I'd say he's really come into himself much more fully.

I'm very glad you liked the way Spirodopoulos and my version of Berat interact!
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