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Re: HEROES 3x08 "Villains" Discuss and Grade

Here's my full review...

didn't think this episode was bad. It was cool to revisit the first season. But the retconning drove me crazy. This episode seemed to be trying to piss on everything that made the first season so good.

Especially with Sylar. So far we have learned in Season 3 that the reason he kills is because of "the hunger" and that he was manipulated by HRG. Sylar was awesome because he was so badass and he was proud of it. I'd rather Sylar made the decision to be evil instead of him being manipulated or having "the hunger" It makes his redemption much more compelling. But TPTB are attempting to sugarcoat his bloody past.

I liked Kristen Bell as Elle but this wasn't her character. The Elle we were introduced too in Season 2 was almost completely unhinged. She killed a guy with little provocation. She didn't worry about the soul. She's normal and nice here. I realize that HRG was a lot more morally ambigious when we first met him but seriously, he just let Sylar kill people and didn't do anything? The Company wanted proof of Sylar killing probable cause has ever been a reason for them to snatch the superpowered. I always assumed Sylar came out of nowhere. But no, they knew about him all along.

I'm sorry but I find Arthur Petrelli to be very one-dimensional. There's nothing unique or charismatic about him. Robert Forster has portrayed him only one way. Dull and bland.

His scene at the end though was pretty cool. I'm sorry that African Issac was killed. He was killed.
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