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Re: HEROES 3x08 "Villains" Discuss and Grade

Well, I give this episode an Average rating.

"Meh" is how I sum up this episode. Really, there wasn't anything really new or surprising except for Linderman's morality by curing Angela and HRG being the guy who made Sylar bad. The HRG thing I predicted right when I saw him and Elle observing Sylar, but I have to admit it makes sense that HRG is the one who had a hand in Sylar turning evil, as it explains why he's so angry with Sylar and what he did to Claire.

But nothing really happened in this episode, and I don't like that Hiro's powers seem to be completely drained at the end of this episode. Arthur Petrelli is just not that interesting of a villain to me. When we first got introduced to him this season, I was intrigued, but he's turned out so one-dimensionally evil.
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