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Re: A nasty review of High School Musical III

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If kids are smart enough, they'll see through the tapestry of thinly woven shit.
That's a pretty big "if".
5-12 year olds are not known for their ability to easily discern media propaganda. It's not that this movie is going to wreck anyone's life, it's that this movie and a thousand other things the media tells you from day one of your life just might. Media/peer/social pressure is enormous; there seem to be a lot of people who brush it off with "suck it up" and "only idiots fall for it" but they probably don't live their own lives to that standard. I'd be damned if my (theoretical) 8 year old went to see this pile of crap, however I can see why a parent wouldn't want to be the only parent on the block who won't let their kid go see it. There's that pesky social pressure again.
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