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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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I understand that a CMO can give medically related orders to anyone. Nevertheless, I am sure (or at least, that should be the case!) an officer also has the right to refuse a medical order that is illegal. There should be limits. In the past a captain could order a Vulcan to force a mind meld with someone else. This is finally illegal now. Deanna didn`t have cancer and refused to get the tumour removed. We are talking about an unborn baby. From Dr. Ree`s point of view it is doomed, badly mutated and first of all a danger to its mother. Nevertheless, it is still a baby that isn`t dead yet. I most definitely would classify Dr. Ree`s order as an illegal order.
And you would be wrong. Just because an order is distasteful or offensive, that does not necessarily mean that it is "illegal." Furthermore, because Ree has not yet made it an order, you are accusing the character of something he didn't do.

Even a higher risk of ovarian cancer does not give Dr. Ree any right to demand a hysterectomy here and now. Maybe a hysterectomy is a good idea in a few years after Riker and Deanna had children. Until then strict observation should be sufficient.
And now you are grossly misrepresenting what Ree said in the books. At absolutely no time did he demand, order, or insist that Troi have a hysterectomy; he merely recommended it, because he believed it to be the safest course of preventive medicine. (Of course, that doesn't mean he's right; this is why in the real world people get second opinions before having major procedures.)

That Dr. Ree first asked and then ordered doesn`t make the orders any more acceptable in my opinion.
He never crossed the line into making it an order, so you're getting worked up over nothing.

Well, what is necessary medical treatment? An immediate hysterectomy certainy wouldn`t be.
Which is why he didn't rush her into surgery; he merely recommended it as an option.

Otherwise, I think I already made my point.
I don't agree.
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