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Re: Top Gear New Series

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Wonder what they will moan about next week.
Surprise they only pick on Clarkson James can be a naughty boy sometimes epically when he talks about the French or the VW beetle
Because then he's slagging off the French and the Germans, and the Daily Mail love that. It must cause them quite the (tiny) brainstorm to have two contradictory opinions of that sort: "Must... attack... BBC! BBC bad! But BBC... insulting... Johnny Foreigner! Insulting foreigners good! ERROR! ERROR!"
Maybe this is TG plain to kill the DM

When the report was still up the person who wrote it did not put there name to it it just said daily mail reporter.
lol Its must be bad when your own staff don't want to admit writing for you.
Greeks Londoners want Clarkson sacking now.
“There’s a horror movie called Alien ? That’s really offensive, no wonder they keep invading you”

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