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Re: Superman: The Reboot --- Its official

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Yeah, I think the studio was hoping SR would make more than X-3. X-3 trounced SR badly at the BO.
Not neccesarily. Superman Returns earned $200 million domestically at the box office. X-Men: The Last Stand earned a little over $215 million. Not that big of a difference. Also, X3's budget inflated when Brett Ratner came onboard, from $175 million to a reported $200-225 million, averaging just around the same budget expenses for Returns. So X3 was a financial success, but just barely, and it hardly "trounced" Returns. If anything, the films were even at the box office. Critically, though, that's another story...
Ah, I must've been thinking of international numbers because I recalled a number in the 400's. I'm too lazy to research this, so I'll take your word for it. However, my point still stands that X-3 made more. It had a higher budget, then again it was paying 3rd movie salaries to Halley Berry, Patrick Stuart, The Wolverine Guy, Ian McWhatsits, and so on.
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