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Re: Need advice in buying a new TV...

When I was shopping for an HDTV, I always went looking on a day when football was on because it's a great way to study how the screen shows motion. Keep an eye on the feet, the ball, and the crowd. If the picture is going to pixelate, you'll see it there. If you can, watch something rather dark too, to see how it handles black.

Get as many inputs as you can. HDMI and components are best.

Will your low power station still broadcast after February? If so, I guess you'll want dual tuners, NTSC (old US standard) and ATSC (new US standard). I'm not sure they're still making sets with NTSC tuners....?

The big brands are all good, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung. LCD and Plasma are both good too. Just look to see what you like best.

Also, I think there will be some good discounts fairly early this year while retailers try to get their share of what little holiday money floats around. So, don't limit yourself to a store that's going out of business, if you don't have to.
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