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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

I understand that a CMO can give medically related orders to anyone. Nevertheless, I am sure (or at least, that should be the case!) an officer also has the right to refuse a medical order that is illegal. There should be limits. In the past a captain could order a Vulcan to force a mind meld with someone else. This is finally illegal now. Deanna didn`t have cancer and refused to get the tumour removed. We are talking about an unborn baby. From Dr. Ree`s point of view it is doomed, badly mutated and first of all a danger to its mother. Nevertheless, it is still a baby that isn`t dead yet. I most definitely would classify Dr. Ree`s order as an illegal order. If he would have pushed her any further I am sure she would have resigned and Riker would have done the same. I just wish this would have been spelled out in the books – at least I haven`t seen it yet.

After having posted this I saw David Mack`s posting. Some more comments:

Even a higher risk of ovarian cancer does not give Dr. Ree any right to demand a hysterectomy here and now. Maybe a hysterectomy is a good idea in a few years after Riker and Deanna had children. Until then strict observation should be sufficient.

That Dr. Ree first asked and then ordered doesn`t make the orders any more acceptable in my opinion.

Well, what is necessary medical treatment? An immediate hysterectomy certainy wouldn`t be. Otherwise, I think I already made my point.
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