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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

^ A few quick notes to add to that.

First, Ree recommends the hysterectomy at least in part to prevent the risk of "future oncological complications" -- in other words, he believes that Troi's prolonged Eichner radiation exposure has put her at a significantly elevated risk for ovarian cancer.

Second, in his first two meetings with Troi, he recommends procedures to Troi but does not explicitly order them. He is reluctant to exercise that authority.

Third, because Troi's failed second pregnancy puts her life at risk, Ree does have the authority as a Starfleet chief medical officer to take such action as is necessary to save her life, even if she does not wish him to do so. As a commissioned officer, she doesn't have the privilege of refusing necessary medical treatment.

And yes, his cultural and species biases do influence his approach to medicine and his perception of Troi's situation.
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