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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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As long as the patient is mentally able, the patient also has the right to be stubborn, emotional and even irrational. The right to refuse treatment should also exist in Starfleet.
It does. She (and Riker) refused the treatment he offered, but at the same time they should have accepted that she was then unfit for duty.
It only worked because Riker challenged Dr. Ree and he didn`t want to fight the captain. I am not sure what would have happened if Dr. Ree would have insisted. He as the CMO is in a very powerful position, too and if he also would have Vale, the first officer, on his side - it would probably have meant that Riker and Deanna would resign.

I don`t think Deanna was unfit for duty but of course she wasn`t fully fit either. I think what would have made sense is putting Deanna on a kind of limited duty. That means maybe allowing light desk work but nothing physical demanding.

Dr. Ree assured Riker that he can handle her condition. In hindsight Riker should not allowed Deanna to go but I can see why he did. Deanna is highly qualified and this task did indeed help her emotionally until things went wrong.
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