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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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I don't see why it's surprising that a doctor would strongly urge the safer option and be reluctant to suggest a more dangerous and completely pointless alternative. His job is to look out for the best medical interests of his patient, and if her preferences go directly against her own medical interests, then it's his medical duty to do everything he can to talk her out of it. Indeed, it would've been unethical for Ree to recommend a procedure that he knew was unsafe and medically unnecessary.
Hm, I think we'll just have to agree to disagree. IMO a doctor's first duty is to present the truth, make his/her recommendation - and then support the patient in whatever he/she decides, even if the doctor doesn't agree. And that last point is where Ree ultimately failed horribly.

Have you seen the House episode "Three Stories"? I don't want to spoil it, but the medical dilemma there is very similar to this, in that it involves a patient who's irrationally determined to take the most dangerous possible option against all advice from his doctor.
Of course, I know that episode, one of the best of that series. But honestly, it was that patient's right to disregard his doctor's advice (not to spoil that episode for anyone else here *g*), and the move to save him happened when he was already unconscious.

I think the best doctor-patient relationship of course, lies in the middle - neither is the doctor dominant, as he/she was for so many years, nor should the patient simply leave his decision making abilities just at the doctor's office's door and let him/her take over. Ree, for instance, reminded me of the former - could he get any more condescending?

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... because there is nothing wrong with her womb.
(not wanting to get into the whole moral can of worms here around the whole issue), but this particular part, I thought was specifically stated as there was actually something wrong with her womb, which was why he recommended the hysterectomy.
No, it was stated that allowing this pregnancy to continue could end up rupturing her uterus.

The hysterectomy came up in the discussion of her not getting pregnant again - and even we in the 21st century have other methods of not getting pregnant than by removing the womb....

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She (and Riker) refused the treatment he offered, but at the same time they should have accepted that she was then unfit for duty.
On what grounds? Her making a perhaps irrational decision? Or her being at risk from miscarriage? The lines blurred quite a bit in the book.

And still, I do remember that heavily pregnant pilot(?) in Titan #1/2 (still can't remember) who was on duty up to giving birth. Was she really still fit for duty? (even if the baby was born prematurely IIRC - *I* wouldn't want to be shipped around by someone who could go into labour at some point in the very near future....) Aren't there any maternity programmes in ST, meaning getting a period of rest before and after giving birth, not least in order to minimize the risk of premature labour?
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