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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

From what I remember there was a lot wrong with Deanna`s eggs and Dr. Ree wanted to prevent Deanna from ever becoming pregnant again for her own safety. His logical conclusion was to remove the womb.

It would have done the trick, of course, but it is a very unfeeling, very cruel short sighted solution. It would take away Deanna`s ability to get pregnant and to explore other options like egg donations (maybe from her mother). Maybe there is the possibility to repair an egg that is less damaged than the others with legal gene therapy that doesn`t involve any enhancing. Any of these options would still enable Riker to father a child with Deanna.

There were a few postings from people with more medical and scientific knowledge and it seemed to me that there are indeed possibilities Deanna and Riker could explore.
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