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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

What is an abortion? I am a medical layman but to me it is the removal of an unborn child. This is what Dr. Ree did not only recommend, he wanted to force Deanna and he even has the law on his side. Trying to force a woman to have an abortion here and now is NOT in any woman`s best interest. Strongly recommending a hysterectomy at the same time is definitely worse because there is nothing wrong with her womb.

That Dr. Ree insisted that the fetus is not viable and that it is endangering the mother`s life doesn`t change that. Removing a dying, mutating fetus that endangers its mother`s life is still performing an abortion. If the mother loses the baby naturally because it is not viable, that is a very different scenario. Trying to force Deanna to get the fetus removed because it will die anyway according to Dr. Ree is not making it right.

What Dr. Ree should have done is giving Deanna time to think and options – like, as I said, getting a second opinion from an expert. As long as the patient is mentally able, the patient also has the right to be stubborn, emotional and even irrational. The right to refuse treatment should also exist in Starfleet. Obviously, it doesn`t but again, what is right and what is the law is not always identical.
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