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Re: Arc of the Wolf: On the Nature of Wind - Part II, Chapter 3

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Ouch, in more ways than one: definitely some hard lessons learned here. Let's hope they're able to find a way to have their friendship AND their professionalism as Starfleet officers at the same time, or else things are just going to keep getting rougher from here on out.

Seems like Barrett's a little more understanding than he lets on, though--the better to make sure that everyone learns this lesson now before it can REALLY cost them later.
I've always wondered, a bit, why people only rarely tackle the entirely difficult position that comes up when duty to Starfleet conflicts with the loyalties of friendship. It's a great point you bring up here about it.

And Barrett is. He's only a Commander, afterall, even though he's been in the service for a very long time. I don't dive into any set backstory about why he made it no further up the chain of command, but I imagine it was something parallel to the situation these cadets are in now -- loyalty to the 'Fleet, or loyalty to your friends?

Thanks for a terrific comment!
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