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Re: True Blood 1x10 "I Don't Wanna Know" Spoilers

Let's see, white superstitions like vampires and apparently werewolves, are real. Black superstitions, like voodoo, are fake. I call RACISM!!

I'm kidding. The drug store part was funny. I didn't see it coming. I mean, Tara cut the demon and there was blood...did she hallucinate that or was it a trick knife?


Sam, the problem with shapeshifters is the mass. If he turned into a dog equivalent to his weight...but he doesn't. It's magggiic!! And his adopted parents just moved away overnight? We are left with the mystery of where he got his money. Maybe as Rin-Rin Tin or Lassie! Mr. Ed?

Poor was obvious that was gonna happen.

Amy, the epitome of a hippie hypocrite (Not that all hippies or vegans or like that). I'm amused by that because I've encountered such types in real life. You don't seem them portrayed as much as the right wing religious hypocrites.

Which leads to next week on THE LAFAYETTE SHOW. Gay activism. Meh, pushing it a lot there, Alan Ball.

Sookie, a bit the snotty bitch...her initial shock was justified, but I'm wondering if she's mad because her telepathy never discovered Sam's secret.

Bill, the rarity among a mass of evil. There's only been two redeemable vampires on the show, Bill and Eddie (which is an assumption, as we don't know what Eddie would've done if freed.) The anti-fangers seem mostly right. Vampires think of themselves as higher lifeforms and forget they were once the "cows" on which they feed.

Kinda obvious who the killer is now...or is it?

This show is quite entertaining.
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