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Re: 3 Possibilities for Series VI

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Ideas for Series VI

A 25th Century based Trek Series involving a Timeship pursuing another Timeship which alters the past from TOS on up! Which could open up possibilities of alternate realities AND exploration of worlds mentioned
but not shown.

A late 23rd century era (post Generations) based Series on a Excelsior-class starship exploring new territories, similar to TOS. Maybe Enterprise-B based!

Late 24th Century era (post Nemesis) based Series on a starship that docks with a space station, a combo of DS9 and TNG type of stories.


I am looking for amateur actors and writers willing to donate their time and energy for a Trek podcast series, Radio Drama style. If you are interested, contact me at

Markus Henry McLaughlin
Hudson, MA, USA
Phase II with older Kirks and Spocks.
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