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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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I'm not talking about miscarriages in general, I'm talking about this specific case as depicted in the book. Ree said specifically that if this miscarriage were allowed to happen, it would seriously endanger Deanna's health, even her life.
Yes, that's how it was depicted - but I simply have problems with the medical science behind that diagnosis. Or rather, I need more facts *g*. Like, did the placenta form in such a way and place that she's prone to heavy bleeding when she aborts spontaneously?

As far as I've gathered from this book (don't know if this happened in any of the prior Titan-books, I stopped reading somewhere when they decided on trying for child), Deanna miscarried once already - did she experience any complications then?

As I said, I need more facts.

Christopher wrote:
Claudia wrote:
I'd agree if all other possibilities were out of the question - but that wasn't the case here, as evidenced by the sudden suggestion of stasis, or the implantation of that diagnostic thing. I realize it's not a treatment, but at least it buys some time and reduces the imminent danger. And time is all that was required here.
Given that they did do that, I don't see what you're objecting to. Yes, Ree advised a more permanent solution because that was what he believed was in the patient's best interest, but that was medical advice and it was overridden by the patient. So nobody's rights were violated.
Oh no, now you're oversimplifying the whole situation - because Deanna had to practically fight her way to that compromise. I guess, hadn't Riker intervened Ree and Vale wouldn't have had any problems to tie Deanna to that table and perform at least the abortion.

The end doesn't justify the means. Ree should have suggested that diagnostic thing and the stasis right from the start just to offer Deanna options. His two options were abortion or/and (preferably) a hysterectomy. I doubt he'd have had qualms about violating Deanna's rights as a patient - going behind her back is shady enough behaviour in such a situation.

Again, we're not even talking about the hysterectomy... that's as unsympathetic and unprofessional a "solution" (and not a necessary one even!) as it gets. I guess I'd shut down as well if I were given such options and pressured into this...
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