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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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Sorry, but that's just a horrible exaggeration. I'm not saying that an uncontrolled miscarriage isn't dangerous - far from it. But it's definitely not the same as "tantamount to going on a suicide mission". I mean we're not talking about health care in a less developed country here, but medical care in the 24th century with ways to diagnose problems earlier than nowadays.
I'm not talking about miscarriages in general, I'm talking about this specific case as depicted in the book. Ree said specifically that if this miscarriage were allowed to happen, it would seriously endanger Deanna's health, even her life. Maybe "suicide mission" was an overstatement, but she was definitely putting her life in danger.

I'd agree if all other possibilities were out of the question - but that wasn't the case here, as evidenced by the sudden suggestion of stasis, or the implantation of that diagnostic thing. I realize it's not a treatment, but at least it buys some time and reduces the imminent danger. And time is all that was required here.
Given that they did do that, I don't see what you're objecting to. Yes, Ree advised a more permanent solution because that was what he believed was in the patient's best interest, but that was medical advice and it was overridden by the patient. So nobody's rights were violated.

Baerbel Haddrell wrote: View Post
This is not about “encouraging” Deanna to have an abortion here and now which is bad enough. This is about ordering her to have an abortion, something that is completely unacceptable and immoral.

It wasn`t even mentioned so far that Deanna was facing the choice between resigning and following this order. Dr. Ree was overruled by Riker but that doesn`t change the fact that a Starfleet doctor legally has the right to demand this procedure against the will of the woman in question. I find this incredible. I wonder what the outcome would be if Deanna would fight this on the basis that demanding her to undergo an abortion is against her sentient rights and therefore an illegal order.
Uhh, we're talking about a situation where the baby's death is 100% certain anyway. So you're misrepresenting the situation. It's not about whether the fetus lives or dies. Deanna isn't refusing an abortion, because the fetus is going to abort anyway, whether spontaneously or with medical assistance. (The term "abortion" technically refers to any ending of a pregnancy, including miscarriage. The formal term for a miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion.) The only question is whether the mother's life is endangered in the process.

When Deanna went on this mission, I had reason to believe that Dr. Ree was carrying everything he needed to look after her with him. I am sure Riker would not have allowed Deanna to do so if it would have been a “suicide mission”. There were risks but within acceptable limits. I can`t find that part of the book right now but I think I remember that Dr. Ree was assuring Riker that Deanna`s condition will be manageable during the mission.
You're taking my use of the word "mission" far too literally. I was only using it as a rough analogy for a crewmember putting her life in danger in general terms. Whether she was actually, literally on a mission had nothing to do with my point.
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