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Re: Tricking The Borg

Intuitively, that doesn't sound like a good idea.

Our heroes fly around in ships that are some hundreds of meters long. They expect to do battle against villains flying similar ships, and survive whatever these villains lob at them. That's the state of the art as defined by the 24th century.

Now, the Borg fly around in cubical ships several kilometers on side... In terms of raw force, they are the obvious top dogs here. Trying to "outgun" them would be as futile an effort as (to reverse the above analogy) trying to go against a battleship with dozens of inches of armor belt in a tank that sports a 120 mm smoothbore.

Intuitively, the Borg wouldn't need to specifically adapt to something like a photon torpedo, or to a torpedo with a tenfold-multiplied yield. They would fly in a ship designed from the outset to shrug off those.

Timo Saloniemi
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