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Re: Detailed New 'Star Trek XI" Trailer Details Emerge

The "vintage Corvette" bit sounds lame. Think Tom Paris and his 20th century fixation. Zzzz.

The emotional 20-something Spock is intriguing. Fits with "The Cage." It would seem that the older Spock got, the better he got at controlling his emotions.

The "Maybe you were meant for something different, something bigger," made me roll my eyes. I can't tell you how many films I've seen on Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth where they said something when she was tiny that she would be great. That kind of stuff yanks me right out of movies. If someone is going to be famous in the future, fine, but 99% of the time, no one knows it when they're a kid or a teen.

I'll probably go and see Bond (The husband is a fan,) so I'll have the bonus of seeing the trailer. Can't wait!

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