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Need advice in buying a new TV...

SOme of our local Circuit CIty's are going out of business, so i was looking at this as an opprtunity to upgrade our TV.

Here are the deatils of what we are (and are not) looking for:

  • can be seen 19-20 feet away (distance between couch & TV)
  • HD Ready
    We have a 3 1/2 year old girl, & we don't plan on mounting the TV on the wall. Enough said on that.
    We occasionally connect our TV to a laptop.
  • There is a local Low Power station we regularly watch (for Korean Historical Dramas)
Would Be Cool
  • Have a USB port but does it do anything special? can we show videos & photos? Any other plugs we should have?
Don't Care
  • Super detail -- We don't need to read the classified ads in the Daily Bugle when we watch Spiderman
  • Sound -- as long as we can hear it, we're OK
  • What's the price range i should expect?
  • Is there a particular brand?
  • When's the best time to buy?
  • Should we wait until after Christmas?
Let me know if i need to explain anything. Any other advice is welcome!
Morpheus 02
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