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Erm, no. I don't save criticism for human rights abuses for only one special forum. I don't care who the abusers are or if they happen to have significant domestic support.
Understandable. Nonetheless, this is a Star Trek forum.

Under most circumstances, I'd be happy to bring up matters like that. However, as you are probably aware, every time I've done so here, I've had to pay, for "bringing up politics in a Star Trek forum."

There is, of course, a big debate on whether Club-Gitmo prisoners, POWs, and terrorists are entitled to the same rights granted U.S. Citizens. But as I said, this probably isn't the place for it.

Just thought I'd ensure that you don't go through the crap that I did....
"The saying implies but does not name the effective agency of its supposed utopia.... 'Needs and abilities' are, of course, subjective. So the operative statement may be reduced to 'the State shall take, the State shall give'."
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