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Re: How do Starships stop?

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3) Reaction Control system (for orientation control, not for significant translational movement)
I think it is safe to assume that roll, pitch and yaw maneuvers would be carried out with onboard momentum wheels and control moment gyros to minimize reaction mass consumption, just as it is done on present-day spacecraft on the order of, say, Lockheed Martin's A2100 Geosynchronous Satellite Bus.

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Yes, it's that fourth one that people tend to forget (or to get confused with the RCS system or the impulse drive). But it was in the design.

If you have a model of the refit E, look closely at the spin of the secondary hull. There are four aft-facing cut-outs. Now, look at the forward edge, right adjacent to the deflector housing (on top). Four forward-facing cut-outs.

These are the thrusters... pure newtonian devices, essentially rocket engines used for low-speed manuevering. And this was always part of the design (remember in STVI... "thrusters ONLY, while in Spacedock")
Who said those things are thrusters? Certainly not Andrew Probert. They aren't even indicated with that bright yellow color to warn dockyard workers of their presence a la the RCS packs.


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