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Re: Detailed New 'Star Trek XI" Trailer Details Emerge

Doesn't sound good at all, although this is only a rumor, so who knows. Thought the first trailer struck an absolutely perfect note (or series of notes) - I was watching it for months. It was one of those 'gives you the chills' piece of cinema.

Really looking forward to this upcoming trailer based on the report a few weeks back (?at a convention?) concerning someone or other on the movie team who saw it and said something to the effect of 'I was literally moved to tears'. That sounded good to me. Star Trek could use a movie where the genre and the actors and the concept are again taken seriously - and who doesn't feel like they have to apologize for so doing.

This early report doesn't sound like it's that sort of trailer at all. For some reason, I've been having these horrific visions of 'Speed Racer in Space' come May 2009. I think it was the combined release of the bridge picture and the image of these incredibly young and effeminate actors on the magazine cover that planted this seed of concern.

Who knows. Maybe I'm being grumpy because I was watching what is arguably one of the best scenes in Trekdom ( last night. After all the crap that has come out the last few years and the ignominous end to Voyager / Enterprise, I sometimes forget how deeply moving some of this used to be.

Here's hoping ...
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