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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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Frankly, it's appalling that Vale and Ree even consider forcing Deanna to undergo a medical procedure - again, if it's only because a miscarriage could happen at an inconvenient time then no one on a starship should be allowed to get pregnant, because anything can happen during a pregnancy.
That doesn't follow. There's a huge difference between the general awareness that "anything can happen" and the specific knowledge that something bad is going to happen. If a doctor decides that someone's on the verge of a heart attack, you don't send the person out to play football or climb a mountain. But it doesn't follow that nobody would ever be allowed to play football or climb a mountain because anyone might have an undiagnosed heart defect. There's an obvious and logical difference between the approach taken to a potential risk and the approach taken to a certain risk.

Besides -- the risk we're talking about here isn't just to the baby, it's to the mother. The miscarriage would endanger Deanna's life if it didn't happen under controlled conditions with immediate medical care available. Basically what Deanna was doing was tantamount to going on a suicide mission. And a captain or first officer has the authority to order a subordinate not to commit suicide. Let's remember she is an officer in a chain of command, and so her rights are not quite as absolute as they would be for a civilian.

Somehow, this whole deliberation of using force reminds me a bit about Data and "The Measure of a Man", where Picard fought for Data's rights to decide his own fate - shouldn't Deanna have the same right?
She did have the same right Data won there. She could've resigned her commission and therefore been freed from the obligation of following orders. But as long as she's a commander in Starfleet, she is subject to obeying decisions made on her behalf by others.

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I think you are all wrong and that
I don't recall anyone suggesting that she would have the baby in Destiny Book 3. I mean, she's only three months pregnant at that point.
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