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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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Exactly - the fetus will NOT survive at all.
It might. Caeliar technology does seem to be very advanced.
That's my suspicion as well - especially given that compromise of putting the pregnancy in stasis... just so long that something can come around to improve the situation. *g*

DGCatAniSiri wrote:
Exactly - the fetus will NOT survive at all. It's not that the fetus may or may not survive - it WILL abort itself, and at any point in time. Because it's not going to survive to term but Deanna wants to keep it, Ree and Vale both think that Deanna is acting irrationally and that it SHOULD be removed.
That was not my point. I know that the fetus would not survive, that it will abort itself at any moment... but that moment hasn't come yet. Until that moment, the pregnancy will continue like any other pregnancy. And of course, Deanna is acting irrationally - as are Ree and Vale in not giving her time to mourn and come to terms with what happened. And that the fetus should be removed is not their decision.

Frankly, it's appalling that Vale and Ree even consider forcing Deanna to undergo a medical procedure - again, if it's only because a miscarriage could happen at an inconvenient time then no one on a starship should be allowed to get pregnant, because anything can happen during a pregnancy. Somehow, this whole deliberation of using force reminds me a bit about Data and "The Measure of a Man", where Picard fought for Data's rights to decide his own fate - shouldn't Deanna have the same right?

Then again, sometimes (medical) ethics were never high on Trek agenda, think Tuvix, think Bashir & Bareil, think Kurn...
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