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Re: Fuller To Return to 'Heroes?'

Poor Pushing Daisies. Sucks that a genuinely original and creative show like that can't survive and unimaginative dreck gets big ratings.

But Fuller might be just the element that Heroes has been missing. Something about it has been off-kilter since S1...not that this season hasn't been fun, I still enjoy it immensely, but the pacing is too fast, potentially good dramatic moments have been steamrollered, and the characters are being written either illogically or the logic has been insufficiently explained (again, because the pacing is too fast).

I'm hoping Fuller can bring back "heart" to the show; write decent dialogue (every time a character opens their mouth lately, they speak in cliches - S1's dialogue was better than that!); return some ironic humor to the show (largely MIA since S1); ensure that characters are never out-of-character, or stupid for the convenience of the plot; and focus on each of the major characters' individual arcs, which the overall plotline should emerge out of.

And find something to do other than saving the world from the Heroes being idiots/careless/evil in the future.
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