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Re: November Contest Entry: Sacrifice (PG-13)

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This is the universe we saw briefly in the TNG episode "Parallels." I've always wondered WHY the Bajorans would've gone on the offensive--so I thought maybe the Pah-Wraiths were somehow dominant in that universe.
In actual fact, if you listen to what Riker says, he says that the Bajorans became ever more aggressive after they overcame the Cardassians. I speculate in that universe, instead of the Provivional government invited the Federation in, they took matters into their own hands and protected their own borders religiously, so to speak.
The phrase I remember hearing when I actually watched the episode was "overpowered the Cardassians," which to my way of thinking could mean any number of things--to include both of our possibilities. The original script says "overthrew the Cardassian Empire." (Given that I don't own the DVDs, I can't go back to see which of these two was actually said, though I am pretty sure on the former. I have caught differences between the written scripts and actual lines before, so it could be either.) I personally think either way it was said fits both scenarios: either overthrowing their version of the Occupation, or the sort of aggressive jihad I described. Either one could be quite the ego booster for a world that's just getting started trying to establish itself as a galactic power to be feared.

But to me, two things suggested that the differences ran long and deep--much more so than simply overthrowing the Occupation: the presence of the Cardassian helmsman, and the strength and design of the Bajoran warship. On the warship: developing such a thing takes significant time and resources that an Occupation-stripped Bajor wouldn't have had. And from the reaction of the Enterprise crew, I'd say that wasn't their only one given that in order to be a credible threat, the Bajorans must have far more than one. There would've been more evidence, of course, if we'd seen what would've happened had the Enterprise had to face the Bajorans alone--but 285,000 Enterprises might even have made the Borg tuck tail and run!

Also, to me, the presence of that Cardassian helmsman suggested that the differences ran long and deep--long enough for this guy to leave the Union, become acclimated to Federation culture, be accepted by Starfleet Academy as being in earnest and not a threat, go through the curriculum, and receive his commission. To me, his presence and acceptance pointed to even greater differences...I felt he was being used as his universe's version of Ensigns Ro and Sito. From here I go into total conjecture...I thought the parallel ( )might even extend into backstory--that perhaps he fled an occupied Cardassia. That blatant a reversal called for some sort of explanation...which is where the idea came in of putting the Pah-Wraiths up against a version of Cardassia where the faith never collapsed.

(As to why the Bajorans decided to rumble with the Enterprise in my scenario, I would have pointed to two things: the Federation likely protested the persecution and sentients rights violations they perpetrated against the Cardassians, and the Federation would also represent a secular threat in their eyes, and therefore under the direction of the Pah-Wraiths, need to be opposed.)

But in the about this: 285,000 universes we know could easily have gone your way, and one went mine.
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