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Re: How do Starships stop?

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According to the TNG Tech Manual, impulse engines reduce the inertial mass of a starship to make it easier to accelerate.......
The impulse engines utilise a small space-time driver coil which accelerates the impulse engine exhaust gasses to near-light velocities, without achieving warp.

Warp drive reduces the ships overall mass, not impulse engines.
Sorry, I think you're misunderstanding how it works. TNG TM p. 75, para. 2:
The propulsive force available from the highest specific-impulse fusion engines available or projected fell far short of being able to achieve the 10 km/sec^2 acceleration required. This necessitated the inclusion of a compact space-time driver coil, similar to those standard in warp engine nacelles, that would perform a low-level continuum distortion without driving the vehicle across the warp threshold. ...(I)t was determined that a fusion-driven engine could move a larger mass than would normally be possible by reaction thrust alone, even with exhaust products accelerated to near lightspeed.
In other words, reaction thrust alone, even with relativistic exhaust products, is not capable of accelerating a Galaxy-class starship's mass efficiently without the added contribution of the space-time driver coil. Therefore, the driver coil is making it possible to impart greater acceleration (a) with the same amount of force (F) -- which, by Newton's second law, means reducing its inertial mass (m).
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