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Re: Tricking The Borg

I really got annoyed by all that adaption crap, I mean how do you adapt to a photon torpedo? Its just a projectile delivering a big load of matter and antimatter, whats there to adapt? At a given point someone will just cram a whole lot more matter and antimatter into a projectile and no matter how well you've adapted you'll be blown to little pieces anyway, kinda like shooting at a tank with one of Yamato's 18" guns, a tank is extremely well adapted to getting hit by projectiles but it will be dust if you use an 18" projectile on it, so I guess my advice will be if you at first fail then GET A BIGGER HAMMER!!
"Sword is personal, brings slicing to a man, you getta that personal feedback, nuclear weapons?.. Meh, goes off big bang and you don't get any feeling.."
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