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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

Finished the book last night. I jusst couldn't put it down, except for sleeping and eating (thank God for weekends), which of course means that I immensely enjoyed it.

Like others, Hernandez' story impressed me the most. It worked well as the emotional core of the novel, and presented very believable characters, which made it easy for me to feel for them.
I really hope, book three will deal with the fate of Mantilis, because I 'm really interested in finding out, wether they are the origin of the Borg. The basic ingredients are there.
Catoms ---> Borg nanoprobes
Gestalt ---> Hive
Even the location seems to match.

This being a Mack-novel, the action sequences where of course top notch and extremely intense. Though I didn't exactly dig the general idea of inserting a completely random Hirogen-fight-scenario only to give the crews on Aventine and Enterprise something to fight too while their fleet was getting butchered at the Azure Nebula, I found it quite gripping.

Next time though, try to make the security details look a bit more capable. Here it seemed, that their only advantage were their numbers and in Kedairs case their, uhm, "racials". They're intelligent fighters too. Don't let them fall for traps and tricks all the time.

As on GoN, I found the Titan stuff to be quite short, but I guess they'll get their shining moment in book three, what with Riker being on the cover and all. So I can live with that. I did, however, love those few segments, especially the one with Huilan and Pazlar. Really didn't see the twist at the end coming. I have a newfound respect for that blue little teddy bear now. I mean, I liked him before but that was badass.

As for the Borg stuff...I really don't know, how you're gonna write yourself out of this (well..technically, you already did), David, except for some deus ex machina intervention. So my main point of interest for book three now will be: Excactly how much havoc is this Borg Fleet going to wreak, before they are stopped?

I mean...more than 7000 ships? Thats a bit much, no? And to think, that I was once shocked at the sight of 12 Cubes at the beginning of Scorpion...

Anyway...are those vessels all Cubes? Or are there less dangerous ships with them? You Spheres, or those small "bars" (I believe they were called Interceptors in Armada 2)?

And one small question at the end:
Are we to assume, that Veronica Fletcher invented Captain Proton? If so, how and when did earth get there hands on those novels?

All in all: Great book. Can't wait for Lost Souls. Fortunately, Wrath of the Lich King will be out on thursday, so I'll get my "Fiction Fix" till December, which should make the waiting a bit less hard.

Keep up the good wirk, David.
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