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Saw the film today - very moving, especially with the newsreel footage at the end. (Odd how they mention the Fourth Battle of Ypres near the end, but not the Fifth.)

I hope that this movie gets a wider distribution... while sighing that had this been made by a British or American group, the whole world would know about it.

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And, "Canadians" seems apt for me because of my Chinese-Canadian subjectivity - I have no real tie to either world war. At best, my mother was a child during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia and my father was a child during the Communist resistance fighting in China.
Communist and Nationalist, in fact - I'm pretty sure that the officially-recognised (and Western-supported) government on the mainland at the time happened to share the same flag you see flown all over Taiwan today.

(Ironically, the Communists didn't get a decisive edge regarding the balance of power in mainland China until after the Soviet Union rolled over the Kwantung Army during Operation August Storm - after which Stalin had the looted munitions and infrastructure handed over to Mao.)

I suppose it's also why I can only think of Hong Kong and not Dieppe, even though that's definitely probably the biggest Canadian battle of WW2 (to the point where they made a CBC miniseries about it).
Dieppe was the most (in)famous defeat, but I'd eager that the operations at and beyond Juno Beach were arguably larger, and certainly more important.

Indeed, Canada's premier site in Europe concerning the Second World War is the Juno Beach Centre - and not without cause...

Also, I fully admit that I have a dim view of WW1. In my view it's the "Iraq War" of the 20th century, but I think we'll leave that debate for another time.
Bear in mind that WWI was a lot more than just the Western Front - it was the collapse of old empires, the onset of revolutions, the rise of new powers and the sowing of seeds of nationalism, ethnic division and conflict which have profoundly shaped the fate of the world we live in.

The path that took us to the war in Iraq began in the aftermath of Ottoman rule, to give one example.

(Oh, and the influenza pandemic which hit in its aftermath had all too profound an impact, too...)

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