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Re: Dollhouse in Trouble?

This move has negative associations with the past, but this particular moment in network history is full of entrenched hits on the competitive nights, and I don't think there's really a safer slot for the show.

Sunday is crowded with established shows, and Fox isn't going to mess with its comedy lineup.

Monday? Not a good idea, as Dancing with the Stars, CBS' comedies, and even NBC's dramas beating up Sarah Connor demonstrates; the night is so crowded, House is being moved there to support 24.

Tuesday and Wednesday? Jam-packed, and Fox wouldn't be patient if Dollhouse blew American Idol's lead-in.

Thursday? Against CSI and Gray's Anatomy?

Friday, by contrast, is wide open, because the other networks have given up. CBS is just airing reruns at 9:00, for crying out loud. It's hardly ideal, but it may be the best available option.
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